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Model: Tara Lynn

Styling: Nicola Formichetti

We have all heard by now that V Magazine‘s issue #63, the first for 2010, is a plus-size feature issue. The magazine, in conjunction with has been releasing previews to excite interest and whip up a blogosphere frenzy. As I have a rather cynical eye where the machinations of the media are concerned, I believe that this issue came about through a need to increase sales, subscriptions (hello, Glamour have had a huge increase of late!) and newsstand recognition, rather than a vested interest by the editors and featured photographers in proving that larger models have as much right to editorial space than their smaller counterparts – otherwise, doing an issue of editorials with eight top-name photographers when they have done 100% of nothing up until now would be no big deal.
But think about it. Plus-size consumers are repeatedly told that when they don’t like the retailing attitudes of a particular company that they should vote with their wallets. Remember the furore when Old Navy moved its plus-size range off the shop floor and into the virtual world? Many people decided to boycott the chain. People are now boycotting Ralph Lauren over the retouching scandal of his advertising. People cancel subscriptions of magazines when they don’t like their content. We turn off radios and TV channels when the programming is poor or not to our taste. But now, at last, we have a truly positive situation that we can influence with our spending in our favour.
Please, I implore you, send a strong message of your approval and thanks to the editors and publishers by opening your wallets. If the statistics are correct and the majority of Americans, Australians, Brits, Germans, etc are over a size 12 then there is absolutely no reason why this issue of V should not become its biggest seller ever. There is no reason why it shouldn’t go into a second printing a la Vogue Italia’s Black Issue because it has proven so successful. There is no reason why we should not support the magazine’s efforts – however token they may seem to our cynical hearts – because they have shown that they are willing and ABLE to treat the use of larger models with absolute respect and sincerity.
Yes, they will be selling magazines like gangbusters on the back of all the media hype and size 0 debate, and fashionistas will be talking about V Magazine selling out or whatever their gripe is, but my goodness, it is such a joy to be able to finally have this sort of conversation! Hate the clothes if you want to, complain about how there are no models over a size 16, point out all of the photoshopping if you must; but be glad you have the opportunity to do so.
And this discourse, this overdue but beautiful baby step towards increased size diversity, this amazing opportunity to show that size should not be considered a barrier to beauty, is why we should all buy the issue and not endlessly blog and reblog the magazine so that noone has to go to the newsstand to buy it. Yes, I will eventually put the whole of it online, but only when issue #64 of V has been released. I don’t want the publishers to come away from this venture without as much reward for their efforts as possible. What else encourages a business decision more than money? What will make publishers want to repeat their past successes? MONEY. So I ask you all out there in the blogosphere to consider my decision, and urge your readers to the newsstand. Beginning January 14, 2010.

Because you can’t see this within the magazine, here is a backstage/preview video for the “Curves Ahead” shoot by Solve Sundsbo:

Vive la revolution!